Do not expose your watch to sudden temperature changes (exposure to sunlight followed by immersion in cold water) or to extreme temperatures (above 60° C or below 0° C).
Magnetic fields
Do not expose your watch to strong magnetic fields, such as those
such as those emitted by loudspeakers, cell phones, computers
Avoid shocks as they may damage your watch. In the event of a violent shock, and if you notice your watch is out of adjustment, don’t hesitate to send it back to us for analysis.

Harmful products
Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes,
cosmetics, etc. they can damage the bracelet, case or gaskets.
Care and inspection
Regularly clean the case and bracelet with a soft cloth
to prevent corrosion caused by perspiration. All water-resistant
can be cleaned with a toothbrush and soapy water, then dried with a soft cloth. If immersed in seawater, the watch should be rinsed with fresh water, then dried completely.

The water-resistance of watches is assessed on the basis of pressure tests
comparable to that experienced by a swimmer or diver in a stationary position at the depth corresponding to the pressure level in question. However, many aquatic activities involve a great deal of movement and other environmental changes. These exceptions to the method of evaluating a watch may call into question or invalidate its water-resistance characteristics. The water-resistance of a watch cannot be guaranteed indefinitely, and may be affected by aging gaskets or accidental impact on the crown. We recommend that you have the water-resistance of your watch checked regularly.
Never activate the time-setting crown and/or push-pieces
underwater, and make sure that the crown is pushed in fully
pushed in fully after each operation.
Never open your watch yourself.

If you need to repair your watch, the first thing to do is contact us.

How is your watch repaired?

  1. Drop-off:
    Your watch can be dropped off directly at the workshop, or sent to us by parcel post.
  2. Diagnosis:
    A watchmaker will examine the watch’s appearance and operation
    its general condition, the nature of the fault and the work to be carried out.
  3. Quotation:
    An quotation will be sent to you by e-mail or post. If you do not accept it
    your watch will be returned to you.
    If you accept it, the repair service can begin.
  4. The repair:
    In our workshop, we are the only ones to possess all the original parts that make up your watch. Your watch will be repaired, repolished if you wish… in short, it will be as good as new.
  5. Return:
    After your watch has been repaired, it will undergo several days of function tests, adjustment checks and a water-resistance test.
    Once we’re sure your watch is in perfect condition, we’ll return it to you by parcel post.

For the maintenance of your watch, you can count on us. But for a little monthly cleaning, we can give you a few simple tips that don’t require professional equipment.

You’ll find all our tips on our How to clean your watch blog page.

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